Strategic Value Indicator & Business Case Reports

Strategic Value Indicator

Strategic Value Indicator (SVI) is a basic level preliminary research for the general assessment of a pharmaceutical product and the therapeutic area the product belongs to.

Why You Need SVIs

Sometimes, an investment made in a product that looks promising turns out to be a bad commercial decision because of the factors that had not been predicted in advance. In order to avoid this scenario, we carry out SVIs in which the potential of the product is evaluated with a weighted score for a go or no-go decision. The criteria that SVIs cover are:

  • Disease state
  • Local prevalence-incidence estimation based on present literature
  • Competitive strength
  • Opportunities/Weaknesses
  • Unmet needs
  • Affordability
  • Reimbursement status
  • Market protection

The SVIs are pretty useful tools for an early assessment of the intended product before making a bigger decision. We prepare an SVI in 2-3 days time and we can produce as many SVIs as you wish, in case you are opting for the best investment opportunity among a number of alternatives.

Business Case

A Business Case report is a detailed, expanded version of an SVI. The preparation time interval for a business case ranges from 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the detailed information requested. Business cases include one of the most significant and valuable components of preliminary launch preparation: insights from the field. The reports cover KOL mapping and insight generation retrieved from key opinion leaders and healthcare professionals from the relevant therapeutic area. Current market conditions are analyzed to find out the answers regarding receptiveness of the region to a new product and the need for the product in terms of treatment options.