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Strategic Value Indicator

An investment made in a product that looks promising might turn out to be a bad commercial decision because of the factors that had not been predicted in advance. In order to avoid this scenario, we carry out SVIs in which the potential of the product is evaluated with a weighted score for a go or no-go decision.

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Business Case

Business cases include one of the most significant and valuable components of preliminary launch preparation: Insights from the field. Current market conditions are analyzed to find out the answers regarding receptiveness of the region to a new product and the need for the product in terms of treatment options.

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End-to-End Product Launch

Either through early access programs or market access authorization, we help you through all challenges on the way, understanding and meeting your needs comprehensively in each step, ensuring full compliance to local rules and regulations while providing full transparency.

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Market Entry Plans

We are here to offer you excellent know-how on Turkey and the Middle East market access procedures, and exhibit your product’s true potential through our extensive field reach.

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Services for the Middle East

With our expert knowledge in the field and action-driven approach, we can provide the Medical and Business services you need to ensure a successful product launch in the Middle East region.

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Medical Translation

We provide medical translation services for various content such as medical documents, clinical research documents and reports, medical reports, advertising and promotional texts, publications of the pharmaceutical industry.

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Digital Solutions

The world is becoming more and more digitized, so are we! We offer medical website building and newsletter services at present, while many more on the way.

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HR Solutions

We offer high caliber service for your company’s need for third-parties on part-time or full-time, short-term or long-term basis, reaching relevant medical professionals suitable to your requirements.

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We offer top-notch expertise in rare diseases centered in Turkey, the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean Region.

Get ready to launch in 4...

Product launch is complex and challenging. But we are here to help you through! Turkish and Middle Eastern markets are marked by their high potential and large population size altogether, we have in-depth know-how of the region, and we want to build a sustainable partnership with you.

Market Analysis and Preparation
Pre-launch: Targeting and Segmentation
Launch: Market Development and Promotion
Post Launch: Life-cycle Management

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