End-to-End Product Launch

Product launch is a long and burdensome process for many reasons. The process requires mastery over the product-specific routes to market, regulatory bodies and their inner mechanisms, primary and secondary associations that have a say in the procedures. In addition to these, a powerful awareness practice targeting key opinion leaders and healthcare professionals is vital for the rare disease products. We have years of experience and dexterous craftsmanship in all of these spheres to carry out a successful end to end launch in Turkey and the Middle East.

How We Can Help

Either through early access programs or market access authorization, we help you through all challenges on the way, understanding and meeting your needs comprehensively in each step, ensuring full compliance to local rules and regulations while providing full transparency.

4 Steps of Launch

1. Market analysis and preparation

The initial phase of the process wherein a general grasp of the market conditions is gained and a basic roadmap is formed.

  • Product and Disease Status Assessment
  • Disease and Product Analysis
  • Market Characterization
  • Stakeholder and Organization Mapping
  • Market Size Analysis
  • Communication Planning

2. Pre-Launch Activities

This stage is conducted to create awareness for the relevant healthcare professionals and opinion leaders in the field. The overall anticipation of the process is to turn engagement into advocacy for the product.

  • KOL Segmentation and Engagement
  • Medical Group Meetings
  • Advisory Board
  • Preparing a Regulatory Roadmap
  • Determining Patient Journey

3. Launch: Market Development and Promotion

This phase involves the development and growth of the product's target in accordance with the chosen access process, reporting the adverse effects and possessing extensive feedback for the product.

  • Market Development
  • Guiding Commercial Activities
  • Pharmacovigilance

4. Post-Launch

The final phase of the launch is to manage the life-cycle of the product, to resolve possible problems and to intervene when necessary.

  • Life-Cycle Management
  • Promotional Material Review and Verification

Contact us if you need any assistance for your product’s launch process either designed as a whole or component based.